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Who to pay the freight of filling equipment sample?
For the regular filling equipment product, the sample is free, but you need to bear the courier fee. Therefore, a quick account such as DHL or FEDEX is required. We beg you to understand that we send a lot of samples every day. If all shipping costs are borne by us, the cost will be very high. In order to express our sincerity, as long as the sample is successfully confirmed, the shipping cost of the sample will be offset when the order is placed, which is equivalent to free shipping and free shipping.

Developing into a large scale, Shenzhen EcoPura Water Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized in the R&D, manufacturing, and sale of beverage production process. Currently, the company has a high influence on this industry. Oil Filling Machine is the main product of EcoPura Water. It is diverse in variety. The epitaxial wafer of EcoPura [wine filling machine undergoes a series of the complicated production process including washing, photoetching, stripping of photoresist and coating. The product is equipped with a high-efficiency operation system. This product quality is guaranteed, and has a number of international certification, such as ISO certification. The dimension of this product can be customized according to needs.

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