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Conveyor Machine

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Product Detail

Air Conveyor
Air Conveyor designated for transporting the empty bottles from blow molding machine to the next machine ( such as filling ) by clean filtered Air ,thanks to the design of bottle neck clip guides and adjustable rails, the all PET bottles can be transferred safety and gently with high speed.
Transport Conveyor
Transport conveying system play a role for containers (PET or Glass bottles,Cans ) distributes, combines and stores in the intermediate sections on your beverages production line,this can make a trouble-free transferring due to the intelligent control system with flexible functional modules,multi-lane conveyors usually designated for buffering use for high speed production line 

Product Features
  •   Flexible Fit :The air conveyor can be installed on the floor, on the wall or be suspended depending on the space conditions

  •   Quick changeover: The air conveyor can be changed to other different shape/size within minimum time thanks for the neck-clip & rails design

  •   Hygiene : Equipped the blower with Air filter and even customized higher hygiene available

  •   Quick installation: Almost all of the components are already pre-assembled in factory,this ensures the conveyor to be ready for operation in short time

  •   Single file and mass conveying

  •   Single Track and multi tracks

  •   Straight and curved conveyors with angles of 30º,45º,60º and 90º

  •   Parallel and perpendicular transfer

Design specifications
  •   Integrated concept: decentralized mechatronic drive with reducer and inverter

  •   Conveying Support: acetal or stainless-steel slat chains,flat top modular belt


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