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hazy guidance over fracking water lines confounds commissioners and cowboys

by:EcoPura     2020-03-21
Fracking and modern oil and gas drilling use a lot of water, and the commodity is in short supply in the booming oil fields in northwest Russia.
The energy company has laid temporary pipes on private property in order to obtain water, but a county commissioner and a class
Litigation is a question of common practice.
Like Woods County, traveling along a section of the road in rural Orlando, it is easy to overlook the narrow lands sandwiched between gravel and fences.
But in oil and gas countries, ditches full of grass and dust are important real estate.
To unlock oil and gas trapped in tight shale formations like this, oil and gas production commercially pumped millions of gallons of pressurized water.
In order to introduce fresh water and discharge waste, the industry has laid temporary plastic pipes for several miles on the roadside.
The land is privately owned, but the orrama County has an easement on the road it maintains and the public utility is available.
Oil companies fill out the permit to pay the county-
$250 per mile is the standard price
And lay temporary water pipes in the county easement.
However, Randy McMurphy, the Second District Commissioner of Woods County, who sparked the dispute, believes that county officials cannot authorize water lines alone.
\"It is not considered a public service.
It\'s for personal gain, \"says McMurphy StateImpact.
\"Anything that is not a public utility or is related to public transport requires permission from the adjoining landowner and commissioner.
\"The temporary water line is spread across Woods County and much of the northwest of orcas, where bustling, active rigs extract oil and gas from the tight Mississippi Lime shale, which is the state
The waterline thick and hard plastic pipe is a hassle for landowners like Joe Shirley, who runs Shirley farm near Alva, sells seed wheat and runs livestock to make money.
The foreman at the farm, Brandon mcculmi, said the pipes appeared without warning and often blocked the entrance to the ranch.
\"You can\'t drive over the pipe whenever it\'s there,\" he said . \".
\"You will drag it and it will catch up on the pickup.
\"We were driving in the county, and McCamey pointed to the water pipes that were laid in the driveway, which were so tightly pulled that they destroyed the website and the mailbox.
It is impossible to cut grass around the waterline, so the grass between the road and the fence grows very high.
\"The Cow will stick to the end and try to get the grass on the other side of the fence in,\" McCamey said . \".
\"They kept crossing the fence.
We let them out.
In the spring of 2013, following a constant complaint from the landowner, Commissioner McMurphy decided to add a provision to the permit in his area: oil and gas companies must be licensed by the landowner, in order to install a new water line on the county highway. “[Landowners]
They can\'t enter the door, they can\'t enter the ranch.
They can\'t get to the mailbox-
The mailman was unable to get there because there was a line running next to the mailbox or through their gate, \"McMurphy said.
\"They don\'t know who to call or who put it there.
McMurphy said the oil company complained about his license change.
But 1982 of the opinion of the attorney general\'s office in orklamma seems to agree with McMurphy.
AG at the time, in January, Eric Cartwright wrote that these waterlines are not \"ordinary carriers\", a term that describes public utilities such as railways, telephones, or wires, nor is it big
Regulated oil and gas pipelines.
The county commissioner\'s Association also expressed concern about McMurphy\'s decision, which --
Although it only applies to the second district of Woods County
Gail Ward, executive director of the association, said it violated state regulations requiring county commissioners to vote on these changes.
To make things more complicated, an assistant district attorney in Woods County approved the change of McMurphy\'s license.
\"District lawyers are the highest legal authority in the counties, so their commitment is final when they approve an action,\" Ward said . \".
\"Your hands are almost tied at this point.
\"The search for waterline permits from county clerks is a standard practice across the state.
Jeff Wilson, vice president of government affairs at the orkama Independent Petroleum Association, said the county license is all the licenses that oil companies need.
\"Because they are temporary,\" Wilson said . \"
But several well-known landowners in the north-west of the state of oclakheh shared McMurphy\'s interpretation of the law.
On March 2013, they submitted a copy.
Lawsuit against a pair of Thunder energy giants
Shaling and Chesapeake
They say water pipes have been laid without permission or financial compensation.
None of the landowners or their leading lawyers spoke to the state influence company about the case.
Chesapeake Energy declined to comment and Sandrich did not respond to an interview request.
Despite the uncertainty, McMurphy said energy companies may still be laying water supplies.
No license.
It was said that a new state law might be needed to establish authority over the water line for the energy industry, but no specific bill was considered.
Before that, it was in the hands of the court, the county commissioner and the cowboy, as McCamey did, and he said that the landowner would sometimes solve the water line problem himself.
\"If you don\'t bury it, we will have a live saw,\" he said . \".
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